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Keepin It Simple- Shipping Included
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So I had this idea... What if shops who enjoyed & still practice the old method of having shipping be included could identify themselves to the buyers & each other? So here it is. Create a post in your shop with this hashtag in use so that we can be all lumped together under one tag. My uncle used to say “keep it simple stupid” which I know is from something but to me, it’s him. That’s the best course of action for me. I personally love the new sorting option when shopping but it isn’t truly effective because shipping isn’t included in the total $. If that’s why I was sorting to begin with it’s actually more difficult to do comparisons. So if you too are keepin it simple create a post & Use this hashtag. Feel free to use this graphic too 😉 Kidizen is my favorite selling platform by far. What got me hooked was the simplicity & awesome mom community. Thanks for all of your hard work Kidizen mamas. No disrespect intended 😘 #keepinitsimple
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