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This group is only open to 10 people and will run Tuesday-Friday. ❌Due to a few shops not completing their shares and not responding to my messages, I’ve decided to change this group to an INVITE ONLY group. If you haven’t been tagged, please don’t sign up. If you’d like to join, please send me a message and I’ll be happy to add you❌ 🌵The point of this group is to commit ourselves to post 1 new item everyday of the week (tues-fri). All the big sellers on here claim that new listings is what brings in more sales, so let’s challenge ourselves to GET LISTING!! 🌵Each day, we will list 1 new item and tag it using #getlistingsn21. After 5pm, everyone will share the hashtag and sign out. Please complete shares that night if you can. Keep in mind that the next day, people will start posting their items for that day so you may be sharing more than you should if you share late. We will use the same hashtag each day. 🌵That means on day 1, we will have 10 listings to share. Day 2 we will have 20 listings to share. Day 3 we will have 30 listing to share. Day 4 we will have 40 listings to share. 🌵If you don’t get a chance to list a new item on any day, you are welcome to catch up the next day. For example, if you miss Monday, you can post and tag 2 new items on Tuesday. If you sell one of your new items, you are welcome to post another one. By the end of the week, you should have 4 tagged listings. 🌵Please only use the hashtags for new items only. You might find it helpful to spend some time taking pictures of all your listings for the week to have them ready to post. I’d love to hear when you sell an item so please share any success you have with the group 😊 #savynatesharegroups #sharegroup
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