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Hopsack Bubble Romper
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0-3 mo
All genders
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#handmade by me. Elastic sewn into the back of waist and around leg openings. Straps are sewn down in the back and cross behind the back to be pulled through the holes and knotted. This romper is made from Hopsack. It’s a thicker, hardier linen. Hopsack was used back in history to carry hops from the field and in to brew beer. It’s airy, gentle and very silky soft. I prefer to use Hopsack over linen for those reasons alone, but also because it’s so underrated. You will love it! I get many orders of these for newborn pics, family pics and birthdays. #linen #hopsack #romper #bubble #jumper #birthday #newborn #photography #family
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