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Since I’ve been enjoying participating in many of the share groups already hosted on Kidizen, I decided to start hosting my own! Each day, I will post a specific themed hashtag. Themes will be of a wide variety, from sports to flowers to different activities and interests. If you have an idea for a theme, please message me, I’m open to ideas beyond my own. 1. Favorite ❤️ this listing to be notified of the day’s hashtag. I will lower the price of this listing so that you receive a notification that the day’s share post has been listed. I will also add the day’s hashtag to the comments of this post. 2. Click on the hashtag of the day located in the comments of this listing to be taken to the day’s hashtag listing. Please make sure that you read all directions on the day’s post! 3. Number off and comment “in” on the daily listing. The first 10 people to comment on that listing will be a part of the group for the day. 4. Hashtag 10 of your own items that fit the hashtag of the day. 5. Please wait until I comment “Closed” to start sharing so that you don’t miss any of the tagged listings that day. If you are the 10th person, please tag your items quickly. 6. Once I comment “Closed” you may begin sharing. 7. Share each item with the hashtag prior to 12 midnight EST. 8. 24 hours after sharing has been completed I will delete the daily listing in order to avoid any confusion as well as to avoid cluttering up my own shop. Thanks for your understanding. The hashtags will still work, so long as you don’t delete the hashtags from your own items. Hopefully this helps everybody out with sales. And maybe you’ll find an item of interest to buy yourself. 😄 Feel free to tag friends, and to share this listing! Please note, because I work full time and have my family to take care of, there may be days when I have to skip hosting a daily share group. Thanks for your understanding. 😄 #share #sharegroup #sharingiscaring #hashtagoftheday #HTOTD #KCCHTOTD
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