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One Size
all genders
Follow The Leader ⚡️Unique Shares!⚡️
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One Size
All genders
Excellent used condition
✨Open Share Group✨ 🕰Commit & Participate ANYTIME🕰 🎈As often or as infrequent as you like 🎈 ⚡️🌳OPEN TO ANYONE! IF YOU CAN SEE THIS YOU ARE WELCOME TO JOIN🌳⚡️ Much like the unique shares we sometimes do for an evening group, I was wondering how it would be if you could sign in at will, do 50 shares for a shop, sign out, then specify the TYPES of shares you would like? 🌳Refer to the comments, see what kind(s) of shares the previous shop would like, complete those, then sign out, e.g. ‘@heartthrob_chris, in!’........then, when done: ‘out.’ 🌳Then specify what kind of shares you would like. Examples might be ‘my 50 Just In’, or ‘All Dresses’, or ‘Your favorites in my shop’. 🌳 please also share THIS listing each time 💙💚 🍁This will be a running group with no deadline or timeframe, if people are interested. You may participate as much or as little as you’d like!🍁 #hkhtwo0128
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