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First 5 Share Group! (2 Spots Open)
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One Size
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⚠️⚠️Please only join if you can commit to the rules below 👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼 🌺 It’s open to only 10 shops! I’m keeping it small so it’s easy to share daily. 10 shops x 5 hashtags = 50 shares 🌺 Hashtag 5 of your oldest 10 listings with #1st5SN2. If you sell an item, hashtag another. Feel free to change them around when you’d like but please only use your oldest 10 listings. 🌺 Please sign out every day. For example “3/12 ✔️” If you miss a day, make it up the next day. For example “makeup 3/11 ✔️” 🌺 You can take 1 day off a week. Just remember to sign out “3/11 day off” so the rest of the group knows 🌺 This will be an ongoing share group. If you decide you can’t commit anymore, simply remove your hashtags and please let me know. 🌺 If you know you’re going to have busy days (more than 2-3) and you know you won’t be able to share, please just let us know OR delete your tags and join again when you can. This is an open group so you can come and go as you please (as long as there is a spot open). 🌺 I keep track of everyone’s shares and have a “weekly update” to make sure everyone is on track with their shares. This should put you at ease to know that everyone is completing their shares fairly. That’s it! Simple and easy! Let me know if you have any questions!! 🤗 #sharegroup #savynatesharegroups
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