One Size
all genders
♦️Fill A Flat Rate For $25
$11.00 | FREE shipping
One Size
All genders
Excellent used condition
♦️Fill a Flate Rate for $25 #gjflat25 It’s here to stay! Fill a USPS flat rate padded envelope for ONLY $25!!! We have a Huge amount of Boy and Girl items to choose from. Mostly infant - toddler sizes, but there are a few larger sizes mixed in... so don’t pass us up and miss out on a great deal! All items that are listed for $11 and under and/ or marked with ♦️ ***before shop discount*** are eligible for this sale and can be found at #gjflat25 Please use your filter if there is a specific gender or size you are interested in. Cart as many items as you feel will fit into the envelope and I promise to add in as many that will! You can also message me the order you would like the items “packed.” I will fit as many as I can, but if a couple have to be left out, I’d rather it be the listings at the bottom of your list😉 I will then message you what can fit, so you know how many and what items fit into the envelope. At this point I will also ask you to cart Only these items and send you the offer for $25. If you would like other items that are NOT included in this sale, I will send you the offer on the eligible items plus a discounted price on the additional items. Please Note... larger items like jackets or bundles will fit less. Smaller/ infant sized items (onesies, shorts, tees) will fit more. I will continue to add items as often as I can... as myself along with my sister who has 3 children NEED our closets cleared out!!! Happy Shopping! Again the tag to search All Available listings is: #gjflat25
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