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One Size
all genders
EUC Jeep 2 In 1 Baby Traveler Adjustable Infant Carrier
$22.00 | FREE shipping
One Size
All genders
Excellent used condition
EUC Jeep 2N1 Baby Traveler Infant Carrier Adjustable Kolcraft 8-26lbs Jeep 2 In 1 Infant Baby Carrier with storage bag for convenient travel and storage in excellent condition 8-26 lbs Jeep 2-in-1 Baby CarrierThe Jeep 2-in-1 Baby Carrier gives parents the freedom to explore with baby always close by. The front carrier allows baby to face forward or face parents, making it a perfect 2-in-1. The infant carrier features a patent pending Secure-Fit indicator which turns red to confrim a locked latch. The cool climate roll up also exposes mesh for better air circulation to make it cooler for baby. Baby carriers should feature air circulation and this front carrier is no different. The extra wide padded shoulder straps with bolster and sports mesh help evenly distribute the baby's weight and providea comfortable fit for parents. A soft brushed cotton interior on the infant carrier features a leg bolster which comforts baby while traveling. The baby carrier accommodates infants from 8-26 lbs. and is JPMA certified. Baby carrier is a 2-in-1 allows baby to face forward for face parent Patent pending Secure-Fit indicator turns red to confirm a locked latch, separating it from other baby carriers Cool climate roll up exposes mesh for better air circulation on infant carrier Front carrier features extra wide padded shoulder straps with bolster & sports mesh Straps help evenly distribute baby's weight and provide a comfortable fit for parents
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