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Dolfin Uglies Halloween Pumpkin 🎃 Swimsuit
$11.00 | FREE shipping
Good used condition
🎃Dolfin Uglies Size 4 Halloween Holiday Swimsuit Measures: shoulder to crotch about 20” I can’t find any fuzziness on the bottom area-looks great! No stains/rips. The only flaw I find annoying is that the front layer of stomach material is starting to stretch away from itself, like swimsuits do. Pet peeve of mine BUT overall, suit is amazing & you should be happy with it! Really cute! This was & still is a great swimming suit. We are a swimming family so this was a practice suit for lessons. Dolfin Uglies last forever & has the best coverage IMO. The perfect practice suits for all ages. I have 3 myself. They are all fun & funky & are the only “racing brand” of suits that we all wear in my household! People LOVED the Halloween spirit the suit brought 😆
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