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December Giveaway 12/4-12/18

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December Giveaway 12/4-12/18
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Win a $10.00 Kidizen Gift card. Here's how. Earn 1 entry for a purchase of any item from our shop during the 14 day Giveaway period. If you are Kidconomy Festivus participant earn 5 entries for each purchase from 12/4- 12/11. Earn 5 extra entries if you purchase any item in our #jyholiday collection. We will be adding new listings to the #jyholiday collection throughout the Giveaway period so keep checking back to see what is new. All proceeds fund free legal help to women and children so your purchase helps others.🎅🕎🎉 HAPPY SHOPPING and have a great holiday season. Caryl Leightman Esq. Check out our other collections: #justyoursbooks #jytoys
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