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2. Santa 3. Green 4. Red 5. Gifts (NWT) 6. Girls holiday wear 7. Boys holiday wear 8. Plaid 9. Dress shoes 10. New Years 11. Outerwear 12. Pajamas 13. Warm and cozy 14. Boots 15. Snow day 16. Gold 17. Silver 18. Books 19. Accessories 20. White 21. Sweaters 22. Long sleeve 23. Disney 24. Off Christmas Eve 🎄 25. Off Christmas 🎄 26. Jeans 27. Mama items 28. Dresses 29. Animals 30. Pattern 31. New Year’s Eve off This is a category share group. Above you will find the category to bump each day. The Rules: ❤️December 2nd-December 31st❤️ 🧡Share 5 listings from EACH shop pertaining to the daily category 🧡 💛Feel free to improvise, if there are no items pertaining to the category of the day, share your favorite item(s) from that shop💛 💙Sign out once finished sharing daily💙 💜feel free to message me with any questions or concerns 💜 🖤Please make up any missed days/Please only join if you can commit to daily shares and makeups, thank you😘🖤 ❤️PLEASE try your best to share different items if there are plenty of that category, scroll to bottom of the shops ❤️ 💚HAVE FUN!💚
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