Hanna Andersson
all genders
CLOSED Shares and Hashtags Jan 2-16
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All genders
Hanna Andersson
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January 2 to 16 We’re BACK! Hope everybody had a great holiday! 🎄 ☃️SHARES and HASHTAGS ☃️ (Total of 10 shares for no more than 20 shops daily...max 200 shares daily. ☃️Open to 20 shops ☃️Sign up by number☃️ We will close firmly at 20! If I miss 20🤦🏻‍♀️ please close for me! Thank you!! ☃️Please read all the information before committing! When you sign up.... 1. Immediately ❤️ the listing! 🥰 I watch out for ya, but sometimes i miss. AND...... 2. Tag 5 listings you would like to have shared once a day by the group. Please don’t use the same listing you used for another promotion. In the comments type the hashtag #JANgmsONE . ***I do make sure everybody has hashtagged your items before we start! ☺️) ☃️Choose another item if your listing sells! YAY! 🥳🥳 or switch it up if you like!🤔 ☃️☃️Just make sure you only have 5️⃣ at a time! 🖐🏼 3. Start sharing January 2. ☃️Share the # group once daily. (Depending on members joined about 100) ☃️Share 5 BOTTOM or half way bottom listings for each shop. OR share 5 of the weekly topic hashtags. (Depending on members joined about 100) 🛑4. EVERY DAY signout for EACH section. You can do them at the same time but signing out helps everybody SEE its complete and it will be faster for me to see who’s not understanding 5. Take one day off each week. ☃️☃️TWO☃️☃️days total. 😊 ☃️☃️Please note your day off in the comments section. 6. If you get behind, please make up as soon as possible. Life, kids and MOMS happen 🥰 (I check in on my mom twice daily!). PLEASE know your limitations! 🤣. Thanks for joining! Let’s sell some stuff! ☃️☃️☃️ #JANgmsONE #JANgmsONE
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