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Bonnie Jean
Bonnie Jean Halloween Outfit
$10.00 | FREE shipping
Bonnie Jean
Play condition
This is the sweetest little Halloween outfit with not too much nor too little details with your basic Halloween colors & simple yet elegant little decorative pumpkins. Not to mention the little bloomers. Now, that being said, while looking at the photos, mainly on the one side, but a few other small spits as well, you will see orange paint in quite a few places. That came from painting a pumpkin at fall festival that I assumed was washable paint, but as you can see, I.assumed wrong, and have not been able to get it off. Still imo its too cute just to trash it, not to mention the cost of it, so i figure as everything else is good as new except for paint being on it, surely someone else will see its potential, for at least play wear. Bloomers are in excellent condition with no flaws I could find. So with all that being said I'm hoping someone out here on Kidizen can still see what I see with this darling little paint splattered outfit. Please PM any questions. Thanks for shopping!
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