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🌹BE OUR GUEST🌹 Kidconomy Focus Share Group Aug 27-31
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One Size
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🌹Be Our Guest🌹 Kidconomy Focus Share Group Welcome to the Kidconomy Be Our Guest Focus Share Group! Come on ladies, let’s throw a buying and selling party like never before! New and old guests alike! All are welcome! 👉🏻This Group is open to Kidconomy Be Our Guest Edition participants only.👈🏻 *The Group is designed to focus on sharing the items we really want to see sell over the next week. 🥀Group runs AUG 27 - 31 💕Open to 20 shops only 🌟Immediately hashtag 5 items for each of the 5 days with the following hashtags 8/27: #akguest827 8/28: #akguest828 8/29/ #akguest829 8/30: #akguest830 8/31: #akguest831 *Try to list 5 or even a couple of new items each day during the event and tag those new listings with that day’s hashtag. If you can’t list new items, tag items you really want to see sell during Kidconomy! 🌹Share the list for the corresponding day 👉🏻1x each day Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday 🍰Sign out each time you share (If one of your items sells, and hopefully they will 🤞, tag another so you always have 5!) 👉🏻Please only sign up if you can commit to sharing each of the 5 days . 🌟Be sure to ♥️ this listing 🌟 🎉Happy Sales and Happy shopping! 🎉 #share #kcguest
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