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Atsuyo et Akiko
all genders
Atsuyo Foil Lightning Bolt Tee
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All genders
Atsuyo et Akiko
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We can't get enough of Atsuyo et Akiko! We buy a lot from this fab company. This #NWT Cloudy Triblend tee depicts many hot pink foil lightning bolts on a gray tee - and a little cloud with raindrops in the bottom corner. Made of a cotton, polyester and rayon blend. The top is pressed in pink foil by hand at the brand's headquarters in Brooklyn, NY. This creates a certain amount of fading in the print over time, which is a part of the character of their product. Marked size 2. Measures 12 inches across lying flat, without stretching. Full length is 14 inches. Sold out. Unisex, and would look rad on any girl or boy. *Cart any item/s and receive a discount. Free shipping
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