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One Size
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🚲 I love the thought of recycling and passing on my fab finds to others. I also love buying second hand too. For me it’s like a treasure hunt and one of my favorite hobbies. 🚲I try to price my listings very reasonable given the 18% fee that goes to Kidizen, the built in shipping cost, and packaging expense. But, if you don’t like a price, please make an offer. Please also see my post about bundling. 🚲I wash all my child’s clothes in Dreft and separate from any other items (including my clothes). I use Oxiclean to treat accidents. I do dry on low, but a few items are air dried and if that is the case, I will state in the listings’ description. I store items in airtight containers, but they smell like plastic so I put a dryer sheet in to combat the plastic smell. I do not spray clothes with anything scented. 🚲 We live with one hairless dog, one really hairy dog, and one kitty. While the dogs don’t wear the baby clothes we do love on them! I try my best to make sure there are no rouge hairs on the clothing, but one may get by me. 🚲 I try my best to look for blemishes, stains, imperfections, holes, etc and mention them & point them out in my descriptions. But, I am human and something might get by me and if it did, it wouldn't have been noticeable and most certainly not intentional. 🚲 Some listings have a tag or logo in the pic to help quickly identify the brand for the browsers. No items are new with tags (NWT) unless listed as that condition in the condition field on the listing. Just mentioning to avoid any confusion. 🚲My Boy is very petite for his age due to a genetic condition called Williams Syndrome. Just mentioning because he might seem old for the small sized clothes in the pics and that is because he is so tiny! We are still wearing some clothes ranging from 18 to 24 months at 4 years of age. 🚲Any questions, please direct message me!!!!
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