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Time for a pre-giveaway GIVEAWAY!!! This one is SUPER easy... all you need to do is join our “Golden Jackpot Giveaway” event page and sign off with your shop name on the identical post in the group. You must comment on the Facebook post for your entry to count! •If you are already a member of our Facebook group, you will earn an entry for signing off with your shop name on the post!! •Earn an additional entry for each Kidizen friend you add to the Facebook group that accepts the invite and signs off on the post with their shop name. Make sure you let them know to complete this step and to tag you; both you and your friend will receive an entry when you are tagged! Please DM me with any questions. We look forward to Facebooking with you! 🥰 ***Add a friend giveaway runs from February 16- February 22 at 9PM EST. There is no limit on the number of entries you may earn by referring friends and completing the appropriate steps. Prize is a $10 Kidizen gift card. Winner will be announced the evening of February 22 before the Jackpot Giveaway begins.
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