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One Size
Matilda Jane
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One Size
Matilda Jane
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▪️This runs 5/14-5/20 ▪️Open to the first 15 shops to comment that they are up for it. Each shop tags TWO items with #BMS32 ▪️it would help me a lot if you could # yourself when you sign in. Just see what # was ahead of you and it cuts off at 15(Just in case I miss it) ▪️I don't care if you switch your item just please make sure you only have two at a time . ▪️Everyone commits to bumping the items tagged at least 2 TIMES PER DAY ▪️Please separate your bumping by at least one hour, and CHECK OUT after both rounds are complete every day. Life happens so if you miss a day please make it up ASAP. Happy selling!
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