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One Size
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hi! I love never ending share lists, in the brilliant style of Follow the Leader. I want to host one, with a twist - a rainbow twist! here’s how it goes: you sign in and share from the shop above you - plus you include a color so that the list goes in rainbow order. Share 14+ listings in that color. come back and sign out, including the color you just bumped like this: shop 1: in sharing @shop 0 RED (🍎shop 1 goes to shop 0 and shares 14 listings that have in the colors red or pink) shop 2: in sharing @shop 1 ORANGE (🍊shop 2 goes to shop 1 and shares 14 listings in shades of orange) shop 3: in sharing @shop 2 YELLOW (🍋shop 3 goes to shop 2 and shares 14 listings in shades of yellow) shop 4: in sharing @shop 3 GREEN (🍏shop 4 goes to shop 3 and shares 14 listings in shades of green) shop 5 in sharing @shop 4 BLUE (🦋shop 5 goes to shop 4 and shares 14 listings in shades of blue) shop 6 in sharing @shop 5 PURPLE (☂️shop 6 goes to shop 5 and bumps 14 listings in shades of purple) then, loop the rainbow and start again! 🌈 shop 7 in sharing shop @6 RED (🍎shop 7 goes to shop 6 and bumps 14 listings that have the colors red or pink) tips: for this list, rainbow colors order goes: RED ORANGE YELLOW GREEN BLUE PURPLE if the shop doesn’t have enough listings in your color, bump your color first, then when there is no more of your color, bump neutrals (white, cream, brown, black, grey) to equal 14 bumps Don’t forget to tag the shop when you post “in” Sign out after you have bumped with the color you have just bumped “done, RED” Questions? PM me! thanks for playing!
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