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February Hashtag Group

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February Hashtag Group
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February Hash Flash Group This is open to the first 10 shops to sign up by commenting below. Once we reach 10 shops- I will close the group. Please like to add to your FAVS and share until we reach our 10 shops!! Please complete 10 bumps for each signed up shop on Hash Flash Days. (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday & Thursday.) If a participating shop has items relating to the daily hash-flash, please # their items! If they do not- please add a related hashtag bump to their listings. Example: Gap Stripe Hoodie #Gap #Stripe #hoodie #navyandwhite ** Any Of those could work! Please sign out daily when completed. HASH FLASH GROUP runs the entire month of February. I understand that life happens- please be courteous with your fellow shops and communicate below! Plan ahead and bump prior to not being able to participate on a particular day or bump afterwards if unplanned. Thanks so much and HAPPY SALES!
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